SNMP MIBs not loading in MIB trap browser
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SNMP MIBs not loading in MIB trap browser


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


  • Manufacturers MIB was added to probe as per documentation
  • All seems to be successfull and MIB is seen in the  Nimsoft\Mibs Folder
  • No traps are seen  for this MIB in the "MIB trap Browser"


  • snmptd probe any version


  • The MIBs do not contain either the notification-group or notification-type entries which define the traps 
  • The MIB Trap Browser reads the MIB and displays any traps it finds. 
  • As there are none defined in the MIB it is not displayed in the MIB browser. 


  • The probe is working as expected. The only solution is to contact the vendor and request a MIB that contains notification-type and notification-group entries.  

Additional Information

Please also note that  TRAP-TYPE (or NOTIFICATION-TYPE in the MIBs will be visible in trap browser.

Conventions on defining traps can be found in: