Change default folder for Gen CSE Client reports
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Change default folder for Gen CSE Client reports


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Is there a way to change the folder/directory path for reports from Migration, Adoption, etc. from Gen CSE Clients?
The default folder is "C:\program files (x86)\CA\Gen86\Client" and some developers do not have write access to this location i.e. under the supported Windows operating system platforms this is a protected folder requiring UAC and therefore not a good choice.


Release: 8.6 
Component: Gen Client Server Encyclopedia Clients


Each CSE Client uses the current folder i.e. the one that its executable is started from, as the default folder for generated reports.
The folder can be changed on-the-fly when writing the report out.
To change the default folder for reports in "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\CA\Gen 8.6\CSE Clients" for the shortcut for of each CSE Client modify its Properties so that "Start in" is set to "%USERPROFILE%\Documents" or another specific location where the user has write access.
When the user attempts to write a report, it will then show that folder as the default.